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We are a Germany-based company that donates 33 % of all profit to "Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V." to support their very important work: saving animals all over Europe.

Petmillion stands for quality and good looking clothing, but our focus is mainly to help and support non-profits with their work. Therefore we hope that you´ll not only enjoy wearing our products but also expressing and sharing the whole behind idea it.

- Jonah Tholeikis
Founder & owner of Petmillion

Why we support Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V.

Chalka is originally from Spain. He lived in confined spaces in completely neglected conditions with 20 other dogs and 60 cats. Chalka was emaciated to the bone, barely having fur and with open wounds all over his body. The animal rights activists took care of him and brought him to Germany. All his siblings were mediated – all but him. Not every story has a happy ending - not yet!

Thanks to Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V., Chalka is now in Germany and can be mediated to a loving family. Be part of it and help us to save as many dogs as possible from the fate that threatened the little Chalka.


We are a registered non-profit animal welfare association from Dusseldorf equipped with all permits and with several field offices. We got over 200 registered foster homes in Germany alone. Furthermore, we successfully cooperate with currently (as of November 2018) eight German, as well as eight foreign shelters in Europe. 

  • We support our partners all year round in the mediation of long-term residents, ie old and/or difficult animals, through our social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Weekly we take over easy-to-mediate animals but also „hopeless cases“ from our foreign and German partner animal shelters

This offers the animals an additional chance of a life in safety

  • Monthly we organize feed transports in needy shelters and non-killing shelters in Hungary, Romania, and Spain
  • Every year we send a team of veterinarians to these countries for one-week castration and reconnaissance campaigns
  • In special cases, we also support them with material & manpower for necessary renovation measures

All our foreign cooperation partners are registered by the authorities and controlled by local veterinarians. They have their own vets and the dogs are always reliable. We are in constant close contact with carers, doctors, and management. The carers are very loving towards the animals, so that they are usually very friendly and already after a few days, linen-friendly.

Unfortunately, the accommodations are constantly overcrowded there.

Only when we take over dogs from these shelters, new dogs can be evacuated from the local killing stations. Therefore, we ask you for help. We have licensed drivers and always try to optimize the transfer for the animals. We are always looking for further support. Whether as a nursing home, as a representative for preliminary and/or following inspections, part of emergency driver's chains, private donor or corporate sponsor - once or regularly.

Every contribution counts!

We are thankful for everybody who's gonna be a supporter of Petmillion, because if you support them, you automatically support us and thus our work. In the newsletter, you will see our common progress that is made possible.

Together we can rescue thousands of lives.
Together we can achieve great things.

- Babette Terveer
Board member Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V.

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