„Since I can think, I can not hurt a fly. On the contrary, at the age of 6 I spent half the day talking to a half-dead fly until it finally took off. I remember that this event was one of the most beautiful of my life so far.
I therefore stand behind animal welfare, because animals are the better people for me. Every living thing on this planet has a right to live on, even if it's just a small ant or a meadow flower“

-Anuthida, social media personality & content creator

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Knossi, or Jens Knossalla, is Twitchstreamer, TV presenter, entertainer and poker player. He has been seen in various TV programs as a guest or commentator.

Currently he is considered as rising star of Twitch-Germany. Just recently, he broke his previous livestream record with over 24,000 spectators.

"Sick clothes, I very much like the idea behind it and I am always there to help animals. I love them since I was a lil´ kid"

-Jens Knossalla aka Knossi

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Kostas is known for his partly humorous and partly informative content on homosexuality and the LGBTQ-Community. He has a dog himself, a white shepherd called "Ivy" and loves dogs and animals in general.


"Animals and especially dogs will always have a special place in my heart. If there is an opportunity to help them, I´ll take it."

-Kostas aka Kostaskind, Youtuber, influencer, artist, activist

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Christina is a Augsburg based model. She is very engaged in helping animals - as she knew what PETMILLION is all about, she wanted to participate as supporter immediately.

"Animals are wonderful, the world wouldn´t be the same with out them. Sadly they cannot help themselves proper, so it´s up to us humans to change something"

-Christina Rose, Model & content creator

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"I am an official supporter of @petmillion
and @notpfote and am proud of it
to announce! What
motivated me and why I stand with 100% behind
this brand and its background idea
is clearly the donation that´s done with
every purchase of the clothes. It goes to animals
in need, that need the help! Fashion and style in general are important things in my life and thus
supporting animal welfare,
knowing that it is for a good cause
makes me sleep better. Do something good for you and
our environment! I assume many of you
have one pet or more and know
that the love of an animal is infinite and
never wrong ... Give them something back and
help with every purchase throughout Europe! From
Bumbags, trousers, hoodies and head covers, everything is there and it is stylish at the same time too!"

-Silvan Şengül, Bodybuilder, Trainer, fitness freak

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Ines is a Fulda (Hessen, Germany) based tattoo-artist and influencer and loves dogs from her heart.

"I wanted to help immediately as soon as I knew what this is all about"

-Ines aka Inkedmind

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